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marketingThis week we continue on in our series focusing on some of the services Main Street Marketing Co can provide for your business. Marketing and advertising your business properly is essential to business success. This week we will discuss just a few key points to remember when you put your business on the market.

Target Audience

Perhaps the most important thing to establish when you start an ad campaign is who your audience is. Ask yourself who you are hoping to appeal to the most. Who is your buyer or client? What interests may they have? How can you get their attention? Once you have this established, you can proceed with your advertising. Creating an advertisement with pre-World War II background music is unlikely to appeal to an audience of teenagers. Conversely, an advertisement with current “Top 40” tunes is unlikely to appeal to the majority of “Baby Boomers”. Decide who you want to appeal to, and target your campaign towards that group.


Another point to remember is to keep it simple. We have discussed numerous times over the past few weeks the importance of simplicity. And in a marketing campaign it is no different. Your audience will get lost if you add too many flashy lights, graphics, and music types. This does not mean that you should eliminate all graphics or music, just avoid letting it get too carried away. Focus on what you are trying to sell or convey to your audience and clients, and go with it. Make sure that a person seeing your ad for the first time can immediately establish the target market as well as the service or product. Misleading ads and confusing marketing can result in lost business opportunities.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that you get the most exposure possible when it comes to marketing and advertising. We at Main Street Marketing Co understand the value of getting the most out of your investment. Our experts are available to help you create an ad campaign that will help you get the attention you need. We can conduct market research on your behalf, as well as create an ad campaign and corresponding graphics, all with your business in mind. Contact us for more information!

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