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Many people dread the thought of sending out a resumé to apply for a job. They may agonize over how much information to put into it, how much personal detail to include, and possibly even what type of paper and font to use when printing it off. A resumé is your way to tell an employer that you are the right person for a job, and a successful one can make the difference between employment success and failure.

Watch the Details

memorable resumesThe first thing to remember when writing a resumé is to pay attention to detail. This may seem obvious, but please check for spelling. Simple mistakes happen when we are in a hurry. Often we are sending out multiple resumés with only minor differences separating them. A simple error like putting the wrong name down for a potential employer will very quickly get your resumé tossed out. Also, make sure that the font type and styling are consistent throughout your resumé. By paying close attention to these details, you show a potential employer that you will be attentive on the job as well.

Keep it Short and Simple

You do not need to list every job and volunteer opportunity you have ever held. At the same time, do not omit positions which may be relevant to future job opportunities. List your relevant positions, and include a short summary of them. This summary should include skills you used, either previously held or acquired on the job. Including some volunteer work in your resumé is also a good way to show a potential employer that you care about your community. A guideline for resumé length is approximately 2-3 pages. You should be able to successfully convey your applicability for a job position in that amount of space.

Customize your Resumé

Different job positions require different resumé styles. An application for a labourer should not look the same as one for an administrative assistant. Pay attention to the audience for your resumé and customize it to that end. If you are applying to various different jobs, consider having a number of different resumés each customized differently. Just make sure that you proofread your resumé before sending it out to make sure that it has the correct tone and style.

A resumé is your one chance to make a good first impression on a potential employer. By paying attention to the details, keeping your resumé brief, and gearing the tone to that of the job you are applying for, you will set yourself up for more success. We hope these tips help you with your next resumé writing challenge.


photo credit: Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung) via photopin cc

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