Graphic Design

Your visual identity defines the message you are sharing with your audience. We’ll make sure you’re speaking the right language.


Main Street Marketing Co. has highly trained graphic designers to meet your needs for a quality brand. We will work closely with your representatives to determine your brand values and build you a logo, stationery package with business cards and letterhead, or a full visual identity package to be applied to your website and marketing materials. Don’t forget social media – we can also build you everything from a banner for your business’ Facebook timeline, or a background image for your Twitter page.

Marketing & Advertising Materials

Main Street Marketing Co. can take your brand and effectively apply it to various marketing and advertising materials. We can build online or print advertisements that meet the specifications of each media source. We can also create designs for products like brochures, flyers, handbills, billboards, banners, signage, decals, promotional materials and more!

More information and pricing coming soon!