Benefits of Social Media to Small Business

social media

Social Media is nearly everywhere we look in society. Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are used by old and young, celebrities and unknown alike. This week we sat down with Main Street Marketing Co’s Social Media Manager, LaDonna Harris, and asked … Continue reading

Taking Time for You in a Technological World

Taking time for you

The invention of the “Smartphone” has made an amazing difference to the business world. We are no longer tied to the boardroom. “Office space” has come to mean anywhere that you can answer your phone or check your email, be … Continue reading

Large Family Work at Home Mom Tips

work at home

As a work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 7 I have come up with a number of tips and tricks to make “it” (working at home) work.  I haven’t always worked for money at home.  For many years, I was “just” a … Continue reading