Taking Time for You in a Technological World

Taking time for youThe invention of the “Smartphone” has made an amazing difference to the business world. We are no longer tied to the boardroom. “Office space” has come to mean anywhere that you can answer your phone or check your email, be it the family dining room or a sunny beach. Unfortunately with this technological advancement, we are less likely to take time off. This is even more likely in the world of small businesses. Working from home, or owning a small business, we are more tempted to make ourselves available at all hours in order to assist clients, and take care of our businesses. It is important, however, for the success of your business to take a little time for you. It will help you, your business, and those around you in the long run.

Take Time For You

It has been proven that we need to take a day off, preferably once a week. This day away from work matters helps to give our minds a rest, and reset our bodies. With this rest we are able to take on another week of work. This “time” can be at anytime throughout the week; not necessarily Sunday. Take time, and make yourself inaccessible. You will likely find that this time away from work refreshes you and makes you ready to take on work matter again.

Set Working Hours

In the world of small businesses, and home-based businesses, we tend to make ourselves accessible at all hours “just in case”. We want to be available to our clients and business partners whenever they may need us. We may feel that this is excellent for customer-relations; however it may harm our business in the long run. By making ourselves available at all hours, we run ourselves down. If possible, try and adopt “working hours”. Only answer your business calls and email during a certain time of day.

Most of us are constantly surrounded by technology and are tempted to use it at all hours. We may even have our “Smartphones” next to us all night long just in case we need them. In order to be successful, we need to take time away from technology too. That way we can focus better on our clients, and the tasks at hand, and look at our businesses with refreshed eyes.

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